Saturday, September 1, 2012

10g Data Guard Broker Setup

In this second post i just want to show you how we to configure Data Guard Broker, which is most useful and powerful tool for Data Guard. So here we have the steps:

Step-1: Cretae a service dg01_DGMGRL on DG01 and dg02_DGMGRL on DG02 database using Netmgr. This service is required for Data Guard Broker.

Step-2: Change the broker related parameter on both the primary and standby database, i.e DG01 & DG02.

DG01_SQL> alter system set dg_broker_start=true; (on both databases)

DG02_SQL> alter system set dg_broker_start=true;

Step-3: Start DGMGRL prompt

$ dgmgrl
DGMGRL> connect sys@dg01
Password: *****

Step-4: Create configuartion file for primary and standby databases and start Borker

DGMGRL> create configuration dgconfig1 as primary database is 'dg01' connect identifier is 'dg01' ;

DGMGRL> add database dg02 as connect identifier is 'dg02' maintained as physical ;

DGMGRL> enable configuration

DGMGRL> show database dg01

DGMGRL> show database verbose dg01

To Remove Configuation of Broker

DGMGRL> disable database dg02;

DGMGRL> disable configuration;

DGMGRL> remove configuration;

In the third I'll show you how to play with protection mode.

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