Sunday, October 21, 2012

Node Addition in 10g

1. run cluvfy to verify

2. from node1, execute

3. specify node2 vip address and follow instructions.

4. in the last of installtion it may through an wornig and will ask to click on YES. click on YES

5. from node1,

          $ /u01/app/crs11g/bin/racgons add_config node2:6251

6. from Node1,set ORACLE_HOME=ASM_HOME and then execute from $ASM_HOME/oui/bin and Follow instrusctions.

7. From node1, set ORACLE_HOME=DB_HOME and then


     and Follow instructions.

8. from node2 start NETCA and configure listener

9. from node1 start dbca from ASM Home to configure ASM instance

10. Again from node1 start dbca from DB Home to add DB instance

11. Then From Node1, start OEM and add node2 database instance with OEM.

12. from Server tab click on addinstance and follow the instruction.

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